Super Salary Sacrifice

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HI All

need assistance with setting up Super SS.

Is there a help guide?


  • Nickiu
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    Hi @JO-ANNE_7327707

    Here is the video tutorial how to create a Create a Super Salary Sacrifice Item in Reckon Hosted

    <Link removed due to video containing outdated info>

    Hope this helps.


  • Kyle
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    Hi, very clear instructions and very helpful, thank you. Just one question, on the 'Tax tracking type' where you have selected 'Gross payments' there is also a type called 'Salary Sacrifice Super (S)'. Can you please explain why you would select Gross payments over the Salary Sacrifice Super (S)? Sorry, just trying to understand. Thanks

  • Rav
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    Hi Kyle,

    The video linked above is a little old so we'll need to get that updated, however to clarify, now that we're operating under STP Phase 2 which took effect in 2023, the tax tracking type for a super salary sacrifice item should be set to Salary Sacrifice (S) rather than gross payments.

    Info on this, along with other tax tracking changes in STP Phase 2 here 👇

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  • Kyle
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    Excellent, I did have it correct phew. Thanks for clarifying Rav, much appreciated.

  • JO-ANNE_7327707
    JO-ANNE_7327707 Member Posts: 232 ✭✭✭

    Hi Rav, per previous advice, I have setup SS super as Gross Payments. However you have advised above, it should be Salary Sacrifice. Does this mean what I have reported to ATO is incorrect?