Travel Allowance not correctly displaying

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Employee receives a Daily Travel Allowance, and when we edit the Travel Allowance Qty, on the side screen it is calculating correctly, so we click DONE & DONE, however on the main screen for the PayRun it isn't changing from their base qty? When I try to edit this employee again, it is correct in their side screen Summary, but this doesn't calculate correctly through to the Payrun Summary on the main screen?? We are forced to exit out of Payroll and then go back into the system to see the correct entry displaying in the PayRun Summary in the main screen for that Payrun. This has only started happening over the last 3 weeks - prior to this it was working fine! Any reason why this has changed? It is a pain to have to continue to do this "fix" everytime, especially when we know it has worked correctly in the past! Please Help!


  • Lucas
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    Hi @Lee123,

    Could you please clarify on what you mean the main screen for the pay-run is not changing the quantity?

    You shouldn't be forced to close Payroll and reload the system each time to correctly display. As long as the information being sent is correct, it might just be a display error.

    Could I please have a screenshot in regard to it not displaying correctly as this potentially can be a sync issue?

    Thank you and speak soon.



  • Lee123
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    Thanks Lucas, I have sent the screenshot to you directly.