ordinary hours automatically set to one hour even when paying full period as annual leave???

Meg Belton
Meg Belton Member Posts: 7 ✭

We have a fortnightly pay run, when trying to pay the whole period as annual leave I found that Reckon One Payroll still wanted to pay 1 hour ordinary time even after manually adjusting it to zero. Is there a fix for this? I ended up decreasing the rate to $0 to finalise the pay run but would like a permanent fix. Thank you


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,190 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Meg Belton

    This sounds odd, can you give us a bit more info on this. In particular, how you're constructing this pay run.

    Are you manually adding the Ordinary Earnings item in the pay run? Or is it automatically pre-filling because you're selecting the Copy pay items from previous pay run OR Use default pay items option when creating the pay run?

    If you have any screenshots of what is displaying on-screen that would be really helpful.

    I just gave this a go in my test account and am able to add only the annual leave item without any earnings as you'll see in the screenshot below 👇

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  • Meg Belton
    Meg Belton Member Posts: 7 ✭

    hi Rav, I have our payroll set up with the employees regular hours that autofill when I create a new pay run. I then adjust the ordinary hours if there is personal leave or annual leave etc. If the adjustment means there are still ordinary hours all works well but when I want to have ordinary hours zero it won't let me. Should I delete the ordinary hours when this happens. I am used to using Payroll Premier which automatically adjusted ordinary hours when editing the pay run, this system is different and doesn't do that. If I know that I have to do it a particular way I will.

  • Alexander McKeown
    Alexander McKeown Reckon Staff Posts: 147 Reckon Staff

    Dear @Meg Belton ,

    This is because you cannot have a 0.00 hour payroll item. It can cause issues within the Payroll software.

    In this case, you should delete Ordinary Hours when processing the payrun.

    You should only add pay items into the payrun if they have a quantity and/or hour value.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander McKeown

    Reckon Senior Technical Support