Understanding how to prepare and reconcile your EOFY with Reckon Payroll πŸ“…

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EOFY is upon us yet again and this year we're heading into our first EOFY under STP Phase 2. For some of our valued users, this may also be your first EOFY using Reckon Payroll.

πŸ—ƒοΈ Reconciling your EOFY

To get an understanding of how to get prepared/reconcile your End of Financial Year finalisation in Reckon Payroll we've put together a detailed guide on some important things to know including identifying which balances appear in the EOFY finalisation and key info about the Pay Summary report.

πŸ“‘Disaggregation of gross in your EOFY finalisation

Since you've likely switched to STP Phase 2 partway through the financial year, its important to understand how gross payments appear before and after being disaggregated under STP Phase 2 and how this appears in your EOFY finalisation - Disaggregation of gross in your EOFY finalisation in Reckon Payroll πŸ“…


If you have any questions about your EOFY finalisation in Reckon Payroll, please create a new post by clicking here and let us know!

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