Reckon One Enhancements (7 October 2016)

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Hi everyone,

Reckon One has received an update this morning which has added further enhancements and functionality.

Check out the details below

Dashboard widgets now display hints with green action options when there is no data available for the period configured for the widget. This helps provide more information and context to Reckon One users should they require it.


The prompt that appears when finalising a reconciliation now allows you to quickly access the reconciliation report. Note: This prompt will only display if all transactions within the reconciliation period are marked as reconciled before selecting the Finish Reconciliation option.

On the image below, the message on the left is the previous design. The right message is the NEW design. 

Enabling the lock off option will lock off the bank account to the reconciliation end date specified.
Enabling the view reconciliation report option will display the reconciliation report in a new browser tab.


Reckon One now allows estimates to be toggled on and off.
The Estimates functionality is available as part of the Invoices Module.  Estimates will be disabled by default in new books that have the invoicing module. Estimates will remain enabled in existing books (created before this update) that have the invoicing module. 

To access the estimate toggle setting, click the Administration menu > Settings > Day to day > Money in > Estimates


When estimates are disabled: 
  • the estimate option in the vertical navigation menu is hidden 
  • the estimate option in the quick transaction menu is hidden
  • the estimate option in the email setting page is hidden
  • existing estimates transactions are avaliable in reports 
  • the estimate list report remains accessible in the customer section of the report centre
  • drill down access to the estimate form is disabled for estimate transactions in reports
  • drill down access to the estimate form is disabled for invoices that are linked to estimates (the estimate link on the invoice displays in a read only/non-clickable format)
A ‘View history’ link has been added to each individual YTD set up transaction. The history view tracks changes made to a YTD entry.  The only logged entry that will show is when the YTD transaction was created. The View history link will be available when the item is saved for the first time.


Selecting 'View History' will display the following details:
  • Date and time entry of when the pay item was created/modified
  • The Full name of the user who created/modified the pay item.
  • Description of the area that has been modified
  • Users can also add additional information by using the Add notes button

Each Pay Schedule created will now include a ‘View history’ link. The view history tracks changes made to a pay schedule. An entry will be logged in the view history screen against each of the available fields when a change occurs. The View History link will be available when the item is saved for the first time.


When the View History link is selected, the following details will be displayed:
  • Date and time entry of when the pay item was created/modified
  • The Full name of the user who created/modified the pay item.
  • Description of the area that has been modified
  • Users can also add additional information by using the Add notes button.


  • RealEstateProblemRealEstateProblem Member Posts: 11
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    Hi Rav,

    Just touching base. 

    I am itching to move from Accounts Premier to Reckon One but the question of Customisable Invoices is the main stumbling block. We need to be able to adapt invoices to the requirements we have for accounting to Owners, as Real Estate Agents, for finalisation of sales.
    I have corresponded with you a couple of times and you said that round now might be possible.  I have been watching your news as new releases come through.  It is certainly developing nicely as an accounting program.  

    Would it be possible to get an update please?

    Another question is :

    Would it be fair to say that the Payroll module can do everything that the Payroll in Accounts Premier can do?  What, if any, are the things missing?

    ALSO, what sort of time frame would be involved in migration of our Accounts Premier records into Reckon One?  Does migration pull everything in or are there some elements of data that do not come across.  If migration is not 100% I guess we could go back into Premier to check information from time to time BUT would that be blocked by the subscription expiring????

    ALSO, is Reckon likely to be providing linkage (as Xero does) to other products.  In the real estate sphere Xero links to CRM's like MyDesktop and Rental Management Trust Accounting programs like Rockend Property Tree

    AND, Finally,  is Reckon looking to replace Accounts Home & Business with a web based version for personal bookkeeping?  I assume it is a reasonable thought to have that Reckon One is really a bit heavy for home record keeping??


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
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    Good to hear from you REP,

    We'd love to have you over on Reckon One!
    I've just flicked a message over to our Reckon One product development team to get an update on further invoice customization options. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. In the meantime, can you give us an idea on what sort of customisation functionality you're needing specifically?

    The Reckon One Payroll module has come a long way and is continuing to evolve with each update, and in it's current state it's pretty close to the payroll functionality in Accounts Premier. One difference between the two that comes to mind is after "paying the payrun" to enter a transaction into your bank for that respective payrun. Is there any particular areas of concern that you have in this?

    In regard to data migration, check out the Switch to Reckon One page, we've got a free standard data migration offer which includes
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Item List (inventory quantities on hand are not included)
    • Customer List
    • Supplier List
    • Employee List (name and address only)
    • Account Balances
    • Customer and Supplier balances at the time of conversion
    Standard data migrations generally take between 3-5 business days (this can vary slightly).

    We also provide custom conversion services for additional data, and our Data Migration team can provide a quote on this.
    Converting to Reckon FAQ's

    Reckon One has a very strong API and already has a number of development partner add-on's linked. This is also growing very rapidly, check out our Reckon One Add-on Marketplace

    Finally, there are no plans in place at the moment to implement cloud functionality to the Personal Range however Reckon One would prove an attractive option provided some further functionality is added in future in particular share price downloads, currency downloads etc.

  • RealEstateProblemRealEstateProblem Member Posts: 11
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    Rav I can't use your file upload thing.  Do you have an email to allow me to send to you.
  • Charlie DangerfieldCharlie Dangerfield Member Posts: 1
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    Hey Rav,

    Can you tell me if my ReckonOne receives updates automatically? And also where can't I upload a logo to my Invoice or Estimates and even when I change a field and save it never stays like that.

    Starting to get pretty frustrated with ReckonOne.

    Thanks Charlie
  • PatrolPatrol Member Posts: 2
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    I would like to know if Reckon one updates automatically too. Becoming very frustrated with it :(

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
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    Hi Charlie and Patrol,

    As Reckon One is a cloud solution, it receives updates automatically and there is no action required on the part of the user.

  • RealEstateProblemRealEstateProblem Member Posts: 11
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    Hi Rav,
    I have not had a reply about how to send you information privately. I prefer not to send copies of documents via this medium. So I will describe the customisation we use.  Obviously we use the available customisation tools for Invoices in Accounts Premier.  We create 4 fields toward the top of the invoice  screen into which we can insert monetary amounts which are part of calculating the disbursement of contract deposit monies in a real estate transaction between what is deposit held, what is payable to us from that deposit as commission on completion of a sale and what is payable to the Vendor is there is a surplus.  The entries into these fields then populate the amount column at predetermined locations which match line items in the description column.  The layout of the form is also controlled by what we do in the customising process.  We also customise invoices so they show what reference we want shown in internet banking payments by customers and to show our banking details for payments.  So this is a specialised format we use for the business we do with Vendor's in sale transactions so we are compliant in final reporting to the customer.  Such reporting could be done from our Trust Accounting software but because it also relates to our commission revenue we prefer to have it fully represented within our trading account invoicing.
    I hope this makes sense!
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