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I am new to Recko Accounts Hosted.  Have emailed out payslips and seemed to be all fine from my end but employees are not receiving their emailed payslips at their end.  Any suggestions?


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    Hi Floss,

    How many staff do you need to email?  Because the email goes straight from Reckon Hosted the recipient's email often puts these emails in the Junk folder so have them check there first.  Other than that you can print the pay slip to PDF and attach to an email.  Its time consuming if you have a large number of staff but at least they receive it this way.  Hope this helps.
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    Just adding to Liz's post above, you want to check out this KB article for info on the Accounts Hosted email process and some tips on ensuring successful delivery -

    Customers receiving emails from [email protected] and not from my email address

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    If you put a cc or bc  (Not sure which  one)  back to your Email as well it will notify you that the payslips have been delivered.   That will indicate that there is a problem with the employees email.
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    Jeanette it wont notify you that it has been delivered. This is a serious problem with Reckon and it should have been fixed by now. Outlook has a delivery receipt AND a read receipt. Tbis is what we need
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    This is an ongoing problem that Reckon will blame on the customer. I've done everything they said and more and more of my customers are not receiving my invoices causing me to be constantly in the red. You cant ask your customers to create a rule for an email that never hits their server to begin with, which is what is happening. I'm going to XERO as soon as I get organised.
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