What are classifications in Reckon One used for?

Kununurra TaekwondoKununurra Taekwondo Member Posts: 3
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I am trialling Reckon One and was wondering if someone give me me an example of what Classifications are used for.  Thanks


  • QwertyQwerty Member Posts: 405
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    Hi Kununurra Taekwondo,

    Classifications would be used to tag transactions so you can report by classification.

    According to this thread classification reporting will come in early 2017.


    "The classifications feature is available as part of the Core module and is the first phased release of classifications. The next classification update is scheduled for early 2017 and will include classification reporting."
  • Russell KilgourRussell Kilgour Member Posts: 9
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    So, is reporting by classification available yet? .... I can't see it anywhere in the Reporting section.

  • Umesh Kumar KukrejaUmesh Kumar Kukreja Reckon Staff Posts: 19
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    Hi Russell,

    Thank you for contacting Reckon Community.

    We would like to inform you that as of now in Reckon One there is no such report available for classification.

    Might be you will get that feature in the coming update.



  • Sylwia JohnsonSylwia Johnson Member Posts: 2
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    which absolutely does not answer the question as to what the hell it is :-D what the hell people..talk in human terms. 
  • dacdac Member Posts: 1
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    The 'coming update' has arrived, Feb 2018, but no classification reporting feature. If its not coming real soon, I will have to stop tagging my transactions and find a more cumbersome way to further identify transactions or change product.  It seems ridiculous we can use classification for almost 18 months yet no reporting available.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,799 Administrator
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    Hi Dac,
    Expanding classification reporting in Reckon One is certainly still on the cards. Unfortunately, its been a delayed at this point due to other priorities that have come up however we're aware that its an area that can add a lot of value and something our devs will be working on.
  • Russell KilgourRussell Kilgour Member Posts: 9
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    Saying that there are "other priorities" tells us nothing .... what are some of these "other priorities"? ... and when will we their benefits?

    Oh, and how long do we still have to wait for reports using classifications?
  • George ClarkGeorge Clark Member Posts: 8
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    Customer & Suppliers have Classifications in reports on my Reckon One.
  • Russell KilgourRussell Kilgour Member Posts: 9
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    Thanks George ... I hadn't realised that. However, it's GL accounts that I'd really like to see it on.
  • George ClarkGeorge Clark Member Posts: 8
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    Yes i agree.
  • BobberBobber Member Posts: 4
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    View YouTube on reasons and set up of classifications for tracking income items
    and expense items   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJvCZ5PSO74
    Trust this helps........cheers
  • Sarah JaneSarah Jane Member Posts: 35
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    Is this available yet please?
  • Joseph RobersonJoseph Roberson Member Posts: 2
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    Has anyone got a timeframe on when reporting by classifications will be available??  We've held off changing over the last 12 months based on the availability pending for earlier in this year.
  • David MillsDavid Mills Member Posts: 1
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    As a relatively new user, let's say still trialling Reckon One, the lack of reporting by classifications is a great disappointment - I'd expect many businesses just would not consider Reckon One for this reason. I will try contacting Customer service about a timeline.

  • Sarah JaneSarah Jane Member Posts: 35
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    I suspect it's one of those things that won't ever happen unless there's more of a fuss about it.  It would be useful, but... looks like no one has taken it further in years.

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