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Original posted in discussion. Here is a re-post for question.

Hi there,

My new employer uses Reckon. And when i tried to do bank rec. I found a few adjustment notes showing on the reconcile window. One example as follow:

When I dig into the adjustment note and the payment, i found:

Both adjustment note and cheque were cleared. And they seems linked as both show in customer's transaction list.

The bank was reconciled, so neither of the note or payment should appear in reconcile window.

So the question are, why this adjustment note show on reconcile window and how do i get rid of it.

Thanks all.


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    Hi Acctd4,

    I'm trying to clear them out by post an invoice to "refund" item, however, the system doesn't allow me to post a positive amount in that item. Is there anyway that I can clear these without touching the previous record?


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    Hi Kris,

    Yes, I checked the item. It was related to our bank account. Now I have created a service charge to reverse these.

    Thank you all for helping.

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