Does Reckon One have a PayPal feed facility?

Ben Ramsden
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  • Shane
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    Hi Ben,

    Reckon One doesn't have a PayPal feed facility, only bank feeds from you bank account.  If you would like to see this added to the software you can submit product suggestions under the support tab.

  • Qwerty
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    Hi guys, Just thought I'd add 2 related community posts to this thread that might be useful. Currently R1 doesn't have PayPal feeds however you can import PayPal statements manually & there is also a PayPal payment service feature available in R1. Here is a related thread regarding manually importing PayPal statements into Reckon One. Here is a related thread regarding the PayPal payment service feature in Reckon One.
  • Jason Hollis
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    As an update we are working with Paypal now to retrieve this data using new tools they have only just released to partners.
  • kerry
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    Any news on this? Looking at changing from Xero but this will be a game changer