How to retrieve and view the QBWIN.LOG error log (also known as verify_rebuild_data.log) from the Ac

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When performing a Verify Data or a Rebuild Data operation, the results are entered into a troubleshooting document stored on your Hosted account.

The file is located in the Q:\Log folder and is named verify_rebuild_data.log.  

Every time you log on to the Hosted platform a new log file will be created and the previous log file renamed.  

The current one will always be named verify_rebuild_data.log and older copies will be renamed with .old1, .old2 etc. added to the file extension.  

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To view the verify_rebuild_data.log file you will need to download it from the Hosted platform onto your local computer.

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1. Click on the Download icon and browse to My Live (Q drive) then the Log folder. Q:\log

2. Locate and download the log files


You can also download the previous log files


3. Once the log files have been downloaded to your local computer, you can open them with the Windows Notepad or other text viewer application.

Note: Before opening the file, it may be necessary to rename the file so that its file extension is ".txt"


verify_rebuild_data.log --> verify_rebuild_data.log.txt

verify_rebuild_data.log.old1 --> verify_rebuild_data.old1.txt

verify_rebuild_data.log.old1 --> verify_rebuild_data.old2.txt


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