How do I unpay a bill once its been marked payed

Warren Southern
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I have marked a bill as payed but have done it with the wrong bank account. I just need to unpay it then repay with the coirrect account


  • Kathy Mackinlay_6947388
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    I would delete the payment and redo using the correct account. :)
  • Qwerty
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    Hi Warren,

    Kathy's comment is correct. Alternatively you can also use the unlink option within the paid bill.

    1. View the paid bill
    2. In the total section (bottom right) click the Already paid amount which (shown in green/aqua font)
    3. You will see a tool tip with information about the linked payment (i.e. date & amount of the payment), note this information down


    4. Click the Unlink option to unpay the bill
    Note: This won't delete the payment transaction from your book, just unlink it from the bill

    5. You will be prompted to confirm the unlink action, click Unlink to confirm


    6. Save & close the bill
    7. Now that the unlink is complete you will have an unpaid bill & a payment transaction in the book.
    8. You can decide what to do with that payment transaction, you know who the contact is on the payment transaction, you have also noted the date & amount for the payment transaction so you should be able to locate that payment easily & action it accordingly (i.e. use the payment for a different bill or delete the payment etc).

    Just an FYI... Same same process applies to invoices & the thread below goes into detail on the invoice scenario
  • Ren√®e
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    Hi Warren,

    If you would like to see it in action we have a how to video here just for this!

    Best of luck let us know how you go. 
  • Tanya Jaro
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    Mine says error deleting bill for this cashbook. 
    Also, the amount I need to click on to unlink does not have the green colour and line or give me the unlink option. It's now a black colour. What should I do?