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Changes to Emailing with Reckon One
Yahoo, Gmail and Microsoft are some of the larger email service provides to update their DMARC policy. DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is an email-validation system designed to detect and prevent email spoofing by verifying that an inbound email really does come from the domain it says it comes from.

What this means…  
No one other than Yahoo (the entity itself) can send from “”.
No one other than Gmail (the entity itself) can send from “”.
No one other than Microsoft (the entity itself) can send from “”, “”, “” or “”.

What does this mean for Reckon One? 

Previously Reckon One allowed users to set a custom ‘from’ email address for emails sent via Reckon One. Moving forward, Reckon One will no longer be able to allow users to set custom ‘from’ email addresses.

Emails sent via Reckon One will use a Reckon email address: [email protected].

Reckon One will allow users to set a custom display name and a custom reply to email address for this Reckon email address. 

To access these settings, select the Administration menu > Settings > Business settings

The Reply to email address option allows users to set a reply to email address for the Reckon email address.

The Show emails as being sent from option allows users to set a display name for the Reckon email address.


Ricks Golf Supplies Pty Ltd has configured their Reckon One book email settings as follows:
- Reply to email address ‘[email protected]
- Show emails as being sent from ‘Ricks Golf Supplies’ 

The Reckon One user (Ricks Golf Supplies Pty Ltd) emails an invoice via Reckon One to their customer, John Citizen.


John Citizen receives the email to his Gmail account.
The email is sent from [email protected] and uses the custom display name (Ricks Golf Supplies) as set in Reckon One.



John Citizen replies to the email, the ‘reply to’ email address uses the custom ‘reply to’ email address ([email protected]) as set in Reckon One.



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    Very well explained, and I agree - you have allowed users to enjoy emailing from a 'place' that is on fact NOT their domain,  whilst still permitting them to have an automated, almost transparent "REPLY-TO' facility that empowers recipients to be able to reply/enquire or hopefully PAY their supplier (the Reckon One User) in a prompt way, using the email NAME that hte Reckon ONE user wants in the first place - their own . Well done.

    The headline of this article should emphasise the fact the Reckon has a SOLUTION that ensures the security of email services from a number of vendors, whilst providing the flexibility to enjoy a FQDN email address that business users like to have.   This situation is COMMON PLACE for anybody hosting some software that is NOT domicile at the location of their preferred email supplier.


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