10% GST line showing in invoice after moving to Reckon Hosted

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Switched to Reckon Hosted from Prof 2015, and have had to redo my imported invoice templates. Now there is an extra line printing on our invoices in the 'description' column, underneath my written description : - 

"10% GST," and there is a GST amount showing in the 'Amount' column. I don't want this to print as I already have a separate column set up for the GST amount to show.

Have tried fiddling around with the customisation but haven't been able to find which tickbox to uncheck. Can someone please help?

Thanks very much.


  • Ian McLennan
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    Go to Edit invoice template

    Additional customisation


    I am guessing from what you say, it is the tax summary that positioned itself in the body of your invoice when you upgraded.. Normally it is at the bottom an invoice, therefore you can move it if you wish when you go into layout designer.  Otherwise untick the print box in footer if you want it to disappear completely from your invoice.


    Ian McLennan

  • Aleisha_8341887
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    Hi Ian, thank you for your response. Unfortunately it is already unticked (as per screenshot below). Any further suggestions? Thank you.

  • Ed Kolodziejczyk
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    This is an old topic, but I have exactly the same problem.  Any suggestions?
  • CassS
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    I have the same issue and have look through the template as suggested above. It is not only appearing on invoices but also work orders


  • Kris_Williams
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    I don’t think it’s the one here on your screenshot, if you go to layout designer is it underneath the main description box? You can, via layout designer, change the colour of this text to white and rearrange the box itself to disappear and it won’t print

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @CassS

    It sounds like there may be existing issue in the data file prior to it being upgraded to the Hosted format.

    It would be a good idea to determine how many transactions are affected, whether it affects only invoices that are in a particular financial year, whether specific items only are affected, etc.

    If the upgrade has only been done very recently, it may be good idea to confirm whether the same problem exists in the older version of the data file.

    Confirm whether there the backup copy of the file prior to it being upgraded still exists as that may be useful for troubleshooting the issue.