MIGRATION: Sharing your Reckon One book with the Custom Conversion Team

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Reckon One book sharing for Custom Conversions

Login to the Reckon Portal


On the left-side navigation select My Products and then Reckon One.


Share with the Custom Conversion Team

For the specific destination book that you want to interact with, click on the  three vertical dots 


Note that if you have customized your display view to list mode, it would look like this. 

Select Share with... then select User


Share your book with the Custom Conversion by entering the email address

[email protected] then click the Next button


Tick the Superuser access level

With access level as Superuseryou can now click the Save button


To confirm that the destination book is shared correctly, click on the  three vertical dots 



Select Share with... then select User


Now click on the View current shares link

You should see your own username, 

the custom conversion team designated as Reckon Support 

having shared access to the book with Superuser level.


Reckon Data Recovery Team

You can request assistance via the case request web form below.


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