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MIGRATION: How to export Lists data from MYOB

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1) From your MYOB software export the following Lists/Cards information as plain-text CSV (Comma Separated Volume) files or Tab-Delimited Text files.

o    Accounts

o    Items

o    Customer Cards

o    Supplier Cards

o    Employee Cards

Important: Please ensure that you export all columns/data fields 

by ticking “Add All” or "Match All"

Video-based walk-through:

 How to Export Cards' information from MYOB into Excel

Text-based instructions:

 How to export from MYOB

- ensure that the first record is a header type

- export all the fields by clicking Match All.

From MYOB AccountRight

2) Locate your exported CSV files and provide it to us by clicking the link below 

Send us the export files.

MIGRATION: How to securely send a data file to the Reckon Migration Team

In the Short Note to Recipient field add the following:

Standard Conversion Request (MYOB Lists/Cards CSV)

Company Name: _______________________

Contact Name: _________________________


This will let us know that the file being submitted is assigned to your case and allow the conversion team to perform the analysis.

If you do not provide this information, it will result in delays processing your case.

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