How to find out or change the Reckon Portal username or email address

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Confirming your Username

1) Sign-in to the Reckon Portal

2) On the left side navigation select Account

3) Then select Staff

4) When the list is displayed you can see the Usernames along with their associated email address

5) In most cases these should be the same, if not then you need to be aware of what your Username is


Changing the email address:

1) Sign-in to the Reckon Portal

2) On the top right corner select the Profile icon (looks like a person head and shoulders)

3) Click the Edit button

4) Then add your new email address and press Save button

5) You will receive an email from the Reckon Portal system which contains a verification link

6) Click the link in the verification email to confirm your email address change

7) Use the new email address moving forward as your new username when logging in to the Reckon Portal




  • Samantha Jane Paul
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    Did as per above, but each time I put new email address in and click save, it goes back to old email address??
  • ReckonDataRecovery
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    Hi Samantha,

    If the instructions are not working as expected, there may be other issues with your Reckon One account.

    Please contact the Reckon One support team so they can take a look.


    Data Recovery Team
  • IanMain
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    I got the same problem. The text that is on that page doesn't explain what is about to happen. You change the account email address and it appears to revert back to the previous email address. What happens is Reckon sends you a confirmation email with a link in it. Once you click the link, reckon changes the email address.
    Reckon: all you need to do to fix this user error is to update the text that explains what will happen when you alter the account email address.

    It currently says this:
    Changing your contact email will also make this your new login email.

    An account verification email will be sent to the new address which you must accept before you can log in with the new details.
  • Simon Hutchinson
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    Hi Ian,

    Thank you for the feedback, we will look into making this change to make it clearer to users how this process works.