Payment of Invoices by customers

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Is there a 3rd party app that will allow customers to 'pay now' when receiving invoices using either direct deposit or credit card?  I have heard of Integrapay but have a feeling this is a Xero thing not Reckon.  Any suggestions?


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    Hi Leisa,

    Reckon One currently integrates with three payment services, Paypal, Braintree and EziDebit which allows your customers to pay invoices directly.

    I've got a bunch of information on each, and the process on how to set it up in Reckon One in these previous update posts below

    PaypalReckon One Update (8 July 2016)

    BraintreeReckon One Update (19 December 2016)

    EziDebitReckon One Update (24 October 2017)
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    Hello Rav,

    I have recently activated the payment services, but when i send the invoice to the customer the To view and pay your bill online : Pay invoice link is not working. The paypal has only been set up in the last 2 days, does not make a difference? Look forward to your reply?
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    Hi Katie,
    Can you let me know what is happening when the recipient clicks the link? ie. is an error message or some other message appearing etc.
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    Hello Rav,
    The recipient is unable to click on the link, it just appears as text.
    I created an invoice in the customers account and sent to myself and noticed that there was no link. The clients paypal has only been verified today, would that make a difference. Do we need to do anything else?
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    Im having the same seems to be only a problem when viewed on a smart device

    has this been solved? pretty poor if it hasnt
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