Reckon Accounts Hosted - Admin user password required to upgrade the data file to newer 2018 version

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In Reckon Accounts Hosted the person who created the company data file is usually setup as the data file Administrator.

Please see this KB article why only the built in Admin user can upgrade the file. in Reckon Accounts.

·         This user has the default username Admin

·         This username is able to assign passwords and access privileges to other users


You need to know what your Admin user password is in order to upgrade the data file.

If you have already tried a number of combination of passwords, even a blank one unsuccessfully, contact Data Services for a Password Removal service.

This will be a chargeable service if you require express same day or next day service.


Below is an example of a company data file that has multiple users:

-          The Administrator User called “Admin” which is indicated to be currently “logged on”

-          The Non-Administrator User called “User One



If you enter the Username and Password for “User One” when upgrading the company file, the following message will appear since it is not the Administrator username:



Only the Administrator user can perform this upgrade process.

 If you now log in as the Admin user, it will provide the option to update the file to the new version.





Reckon Data Recovery Team


Reckon Data Recovery Team

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