How do i delete an adjustment to an invoice?

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Hi There,
I am having major problems trying to delete a supplier adjustment note. It keeps telling me to select a customer and wont let me unlink it. It is driving me bonkers and I have tried everything. I have looked at all the responses to the same problem and none of these have worked.
Can you please help me with this as there have been no payments made against this supplier but when I went to make the payments, it wouldn't let me as it kept telling me that the amount didn't balance due to these credits.
I am tearing my hair out and since I am new to this system, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Kim


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    Hi Kim,
    Sorry just a bit confused and need some clarification on this, you've mentioned attempting to delete a supplier adjustment note but then prompting for a customer (rather than supplier).

    Can you please clarify.

    Also, have you had a chat with our Reckon One support team as yet?
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    Good morning,
    I have an adjustment note that is attached to a supplier. I wish to delete these. when I go to unlink the amount, the message I get is 'Please select a contact that is a customer to process this receipt transaction'.
    It won't let me delete these or unlink them and there isn't an invoice there that this is attached to. I just need to delete them so that I can start over.

    Does this help at all as I'm really confused?
    Regards Kim
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