STP - "Failed to Create Subscription"

SharonSharon Member Posts: 5
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Every time I log in to lodge STP, I can log in, go through all the authentication requirements, it notices the ABN and business name, then get the Failed to Create Subscription - how can I get past this


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator
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    Hi Sharon,

    That message means that the ABN is already registered for STP.

    Are you logging in to the Reckon Portal with the same account/login credentials that were used initially?

    I noticed you've tagged this thread as Reckon Accounts Hosted so just want to check, are you using the same login details for the Reckon Portal as what you use when logging to the Accounts Hosted service?
  • pasang kaji sherpapasang kaji sherpa Member Posts: 6
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    Can we de register the ABN for STP?
  • Rina Cristobal AzurinRina Cristobal Azurin Member Posts: 6
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    We requested Reckon months ago to do the same, detach the email address (as it was a private one) and transfer to a company official one and Reckon hasn't come up with a solution.  Every time I get a chance to speak to a support staff, they always reply with "the issue has been forwarded to our escalation team and we will contact you later" for weeks now.
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