I'm new to accounting software. Xero vs Reckon.

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I'm new to this all...have used excel for years but it's pretty manual and time consuming.
Just reviewing accounting software and it's come down to Xero or Reckon as we require for Mac, iPad & iPhone.
Not sure which one?
We are a small company (painting business) with 2 employees no inventory just need purchase orders, invoicing, expenses, job tracking, bank feeds.
Unsure if ReckonOne is the right move vs Xero due to reviews??? 
Any thoughts from anyone that has used both. 
Thanks. M


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    My son uses Xero in his business and swears by it. Xero seem helpful when he contacts them he says. I have used Reckon for 15 years and accept that when it is running OK ,for my limited use, it is good but the support is terrible. Too busy, too long to answer calls or no replies to emails and then if they can't fix it they file it and don't reply. There are just too many anomalies in the system to get it going right I think.
    Sorry to have to say that if I was going to be in business for another 5 years and starting with a clean slate,  I would not go with Reckon, I would go with Xero.
    Best of luck with your decision.
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    Thanks Brian good to know

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    I have been a Accredited Trainer and user with Reckon for 20 years and it is still the best all round functional accounting software. I belong to other software and bookkeeping Facebook and other groups and people complain Xero too (as they do for other software as well). I do not find Xero good to use just pushed by Accountants that make money out of it. I would be happy to show you Reckon software.

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    Thanks Kerri - have you used both Reckon One and Xero?

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    Hi. I also have been using Reckon for around 10 years now. I cannot fault it. As a BAS Agent I use other software programs and Reckon is the most user friendly. I have friends that have switched to Reckon after having issues with Xero. I have never experienced issues with the support team, they have always been very helpful. As mentioned by Kerri it is pushed by accountants, it is similar to a Pyramid scheme in my opinion.
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    I was an accredited trainer, Bas agent and reseller for the old Quickbooks, and have used it since the very first one. I love it, I find it user friendly and makes sense to non professionals. I have used Xero, it is a good program but not geared at newbies or people who aren’t accountants. Reporting is much better in Reckon
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    Hi Mary I have used both. Not as much in Xero as I found not user friendly but Reckon Accounts and Reckon One are both great software for small business. Happy to discuss.With Reckon One you can turn off the modules while say you are on holidays and switch back on when back. 
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    Hi Mary Z,  I am a bookkeeper/accountant and have used quickbooks and reckon for many years, and set up new businesses with quickbooks online.  support is great.  call me you can get started for $1.00 per month.   message me if you are interested and would like to get started. 
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    Hi Mary,

    Best to try both products (using their trial periods) that way you can form your own informed assessment that considers your specific business requirements and working preferences.

    A consultation with an accounting professional who understands your industry and has used multiple platforms would be useful.

    If you require assistance with migrating existing information from your Excel sheets, there are migration services provided by Reckon.

    Reckon One and the Reckon Accounts Hosted platform can both be used via a web browser interface on the iOS platform.


    Data Recovery Team


    Reckon Data Recovery Team

    You can request assistance via the case request web form below.


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