Renaming .RKN data files

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I know this question  has been asked many times before and I have had the problem myself many times over the years but this time nothing seems to work.  I normally call my data files in Home & Business "Carl data' as I am very aware that Reckon doesn't play nicely when you have long file names.  Over the last week, when I back up, Reckon keeps adding the date to the file name & I know if this continues, I am going to have problems.  Restore only recognises .QDF and not .RKN files and if you restore a .QDF file the .QPH files do not transfer.  By memory all I have done in the past was to rename all the latest files, RKN, .QPH etc. by dropping dates from the end but this time it is not working.  I have also had a couple of very strange occurrences over the last couple of days.  First when I downloaded my share prices on Monday, it came up with an astronomical figure and thought I had won the lottery, so closed the program and when I reopened it and did the download again, everything was back to normal.  Yesterday when I opened the program, one of my accounts was showing a zero balance with no transactions.  Again, when I reopened the program, everything was good.  I only hope this doesn't mean that Reckon is finally going to die on me with over 20 years of records!


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    Hi Carljh,

    Use the built in 'rename' function instead of manually changing the file names.

    -Click on the File menu
    -File Operations

    Check your backup preferences.

    -Click on the File menu
    -Click the Preferences button


    -Click on the Edit menu

    In the Setup section, go to Backup
    You can choose to untick the "Add the date file name" option

    Validate / Super Validate


    Data Recovery Team
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    For info, the  .RKN file is no more than a proprietary zipped file. If you rename the extention to ZIP, most unzip programs will unzip it. I have never had any problems restoring from a RKN file, although I do copy my 5 files as insurance. Your file name is 9 characters (including space) and I personally I would never use *data* as part of my name.
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    The supplementary files are referenced by the QDF file using the name that was known to the QDF file.

    If you manually change the file name of the supplementary files, the QDF file cannot locate the supplementary file.

    Fred is correct regarding ".RKN" files being based on the compressed ZIP format.

    As an added safe guard, consider generating reports on a regular basis and saving these reports as Excel, CSV or PDF files.

    This gives you a snapshot of the figures as they are at that point in time.
    This can be useful for comparative purposes at a later date if necessary.

    You can choose whichever reports you would find handy to have such as:

    - Reports | Banking | Transaction

    - Reports | Investing | Investment Transactions

    - Reports | Business | Balance Sheet

    - Reports | Business | Profit and Loss Statement

    - Reports | Tax | Income Tax Summary

    You can choose a specific start and end date.

    So if your file has 20 years of data and you generated these reports for each financial year, then in the event of catastrophic data corruption which renders the file unopenable, you would still have a record of those financial details.


    Data Recovery Team

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    Glad we could be of assistance.