DATA RECOVERY: What are my Reckon Accounts business range (Desktop) file types and what do I send in

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Your Reckon Accounts business range (Desktop) data file set would be comprised of multiple files with the same name with different file extensions.

<Filename>.<file extension>


The company file will typically have a red icon alongside the file name.

The file you need to send us is the one with the QBW file extension

– this is the main data file component

Example file name: My Company File.QBW 

– it may also appear with the name "My Company File" not displaying the QBW file extension


Files with these extensions you do not need to send (.ND) (.TLG)

– these are supplementary which are not necessary for the analysis stage

Example file names:

My Company File.QBW.TLG 

My Company File.QBW.ND 


Files with these extensions you should consider sending to us if available (.QBB) (.QBM)

– these are backup and portable files that can be found on your computer locally, on a remote network attached storage/server computer or on an external storage device.

Example file names:

My Company File (Backup Jul 08,2019 10 27 AM).QBB 

My Company File (Portable).QBM 

Locate your Reckon Accounts desktop data file (*.QBW) or backup files (*.QBB)

DATA RECOVERY: How to find the company file location on Reckon Accounts Desktop

DATA RECOVERY: How to find a data file using Windows Search


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