DATA RECOVERY: How to restore a backup file (*.RKN) in Reckon Accounts Personal range

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To restore a backup file that has a ".RKN" file extension:

Once you have opened the Reckon Accounts Personal range software.

1) Select the File menu

2) Select the Restore Backup File option

3) Select the Restore Backup... option

4) Choose the Local Backup option

5) Locate the backup file wherever you have stored it

6) Select the backup file and click the OK button

7) Click the Browse button to choose the location you want to restore the data file set to and the click OK button

8) Once the file has been restored successfully, open the file as per usual

9) Select the File menu and Open

10 Navigate to the folder location you have chosen as the destination folder

11) Select the primary data file (*.QDF) and click the OK button


  • Megan Rule
    Megan Rule Member Posts: 40
    edited August 2020
    Help! I have just installed Reckon 2020 and I can't open my .RKN file as its not a QDF one. When I go to Restore Backup there is no 'Local Backup' option.... How do I open my backup with 20 plus years of data in it?
  • GerryWinter
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    Call me and i will walk you thru it.
    Gerry 0418907140

    Gerry 0418907140 

    [email protected]

  • Megan Rule
    Megan Rule Member Posts: 40
    edited August 2020
    Actually i have just managed to do it, thanks Gerry. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Then I went through the restore thing and this time it worked - mostly....

    However, my share prices for USA shares have been wiped out and i am unable to download historical prices (which i could do with 2019; it would update from US market in $US). When i update now, any USA shares register as $0 value. All my historical prices are wiped out. This is also for some other shares that are not on the ASX. Oh and I just noticed all my historical ASX prices are gone, bar since Aug 6. Any ideas?