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Since some users do not read through the previous comments, they do not find that there is already a solution in the original post.

This summary is based on the troubleshooting, workarounds, and solutions in the original post.

Cindy says:

Hi Everyone. I've found a solution!  
Instead of clicking the download icon (after clicking Print from Reckon), I chose the Print icon,
selected save to PDF and wulla!  The warning message has now gone.....yippeee!

David says:

Instead, do this...
from within the invoice > print > print,
... generating report...,
> don't click cancel but change destination to "Save as PDF" > Save >
give it a name and save it somewhere
> now open it. Problem gone.

Erica says:

If you have Adobe Pro, there’s a work around. 

  • Create the PDF and open it. 
  • Click on Tools and scroll down to JavaScript.
  • Click on Document JavaScripts and delete the one and only script then close.
  • Click save and that should have removed the pesky little printing pop-up.


When users receive a PDF document that has originated from the Hosted platform, they may see the following message when opening the PDF document.

  1. “This document is trying to print. Do you want to allow this”.
  2. 1
  3. Clicking YES > Prints the transaction directly to your default printer and also opens in PDF.
  4. Clicking NO > Opens the transaction in PDF only. (allowing the user’s to choose what printer they want)

If you do not want to encounter this message, follow the steps below.


If you want, you can view a video showing this process.

* When printing the document such as an invoice, do not click the Download button 

* Click the Print icon instead

* Change the destination to be "Save as PDF" then click the Save button

* Save the document to a known folder location where you can retrieve it later

This document should no longer contain the Javascript that triggers the "This document is trying to print" message.


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