How to create invoice layout in Reckon Accounts Hosted similar to Reckon One

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Reckon One has a few invoice template layouts

The Reckon Accounts Hosted platform has a Layout Designer which is much more powerful and flexible than what is currently available for Reckon One. It can do more than just change fonts, colours and add logos.

The Layout Designer allows for customisation of the invoice with movable data field and labels.

You can only import a template style that has been created using the Reckon Accounts software.

For more information:

Click on the Help menu
Select Reckon Accounts Help
In the Index, use the keywords "customising forms" or In the Search tab, use the keywords "Layout Designer"

To edit a template:

Click on the Lists menu
Select Templates
Use the mouse right-click on a specific template to bring up the context menu, then select Edit Template

Click on the Additional Customisation or the Layout Designer buttons.

There you can make changes to the existing template styles and make it look similar to the Reckon One layout if you prefer by rearranging the data fields and removing borders and changing fonts and alignments.

If you want to export templates from one data file to be imported into another data file:

KB - Exporting and importing your invoice and other templates from one file to another in Reckon Accounts


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