my payroll is going into a wrong branch account

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I am with reckon one.  Had a call from Ato saying that my Single Touch Payroll has gone into Branch 1 (which is not active ) . I had to change it to branch 2 .when I change it into branch 2 and try to send a replacement file, It would not allow it to go through. How can do this?


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    Hi Groomers,
    A couple of things with this. Firstly, go into your Reckon One book settings (Settings icon in top right corner) and check if have branch 2 listed in your book with your ABN settings.

    Secondly, you will need to create a NEW STP entity in GovConnect for your ABN which has branch 2 entered against it if you haven't already. So just go through the same process you did when you first created the STP entity for branch 1 but this time create it for your ABN with branch 2 instead.

    Just one other thing, when you do send your first STP submission for branch 2, its not going to be a Full File Replacement because you're effectively starting from scratch for this ABN & branch. You'll need to send just a normal new pay event. Remember STP is reported on a YTD basis so your first submission will update your YTD balances.