Jobkeeper and Reckon One payroll

comprescompres Member Posts: 7

I am trying to lodge a payroll to STP and keep getting this error message:

"Request was incorrectly formatted or was missing required items."

Is there any way to find out what is causing this?



  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,216 ✭✭✭

    You should be able to click on the error message and get a description of where the problem might be

  • comprescompres Member Posts: 7

    The error message is in a box across the top of the screen. Clicking on it does not have any effect.

    There does not appear to be any way of determining what the problem is, or even which employee it relates too

  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,216 ✭✭✭

    Just resubmit STP tomorrow

  • comprescompres Member Posts: 7

    I have resubmitted this payrun a number of times over the past week - always the same result.

    Surely there is a log somewhere that records the details of what causes the error?

  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,216 ✭✭✭

    Are any of these employees new? If they are I would check the details, address DOb etc. maybe you could just wait until the next pay and see if that goes through because as you know the STP includes YTD figures

  • comprescompres Member Posts: 7

    Yes there was a new employee, and the State in the address was incorrect. Thanks for your help

  • Rex KumarRex Kumar Member Posts: 2

    What are the requirements of a new job keeper coming from 4 January 2021

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