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I have three staff members whom all have access to our reckon software. Is there a way I can set up restricted access so only certain parts of Reckon are accessible to them?


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    Hi @Jo Arnold

    Yes you can setup roles with specific permission levels. There are some good guides on this in the in-software help menu, just open it up and search 'Roles' and it will bring up info for you.

  • Jo ArnoldJo Arnold Member Posts: 59

    Hi Rav

    Thank you for your response. I've had a look into the 'roles' functions within the help menu and this would be the perfect solution if the users each had their own login. Unfortunately, we all share the one computer and reckon login.

    I was hoping I could somehow password protect (or something along those lines) the employee centre so that I can just enter a password when I need to access it.

    Any other suggestions?

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    You can password protect by giving each person their own “User” access within the one company file.

    When you open your RA program, if no users have been setup, it opens automatically (by default) under the “Admin” user. However, under the Company dropdown menu, you can setup users & customise their access. Each user then opens that one company file under their own User credentials.

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    Hi Jo,

    The Reckon Accounts Enterprise desktop software (and Reckon Accounts Hosted) has more granular access controls.

    Clicking on the Company menu then Users then Setup Users and Roles

    The Reckon Accounts Accounting/Plus/Pro/Premier desktop software only has simpler access controls.

    Clicking on the Company menu then Setup Users


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