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Andrew Rippon
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We are importing bills from our erp into Reckon Accounts Hosted successfully. However, there doesn't seem to be any documentation around how to send sales tax information through with the bill using .iif

Is it possible to have the sales tax (in our case GST at 15%) applied with the import, or does one have to manually adjust each bill to include sales tax after the bills are imported. This is presently what we do and it is quite time consuming and prone to errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Graham Boast
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    Hi Andrew

    The US documentation on iif is really misleading regarding GST in the Aust/NZ universe.

    Here is an iif that shows the correct handling of GST

    This imports as follows:

    The TRNS line is the top half of the bill, and the SPL line (or lines) comprise the bottom half. Importantly, the sum of the AMOUNT and TAXAMOUNTS should be zero. Dates are MM/DD/YYYY. If left the terms in, but they are optional - DUEDATE works better.

    For NZ, a $500 plus 15% GST $75 bill, it would be -575 in F4, 500 in F5 and 75 in J5. The Taxcode in I5 would be whatever code is used in NZ for Purchases in lieu of NCG. Column K is important! Make sure there are no commas in the amounts - 1000 not 1,000.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes. Email me if you're having issues.

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  • Andrew Rippon
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    Thank you Graham - that's exactly what we needed! I will give you an update when I've attempted to apply this to our export.

    Kind Regards


  • Andrew Rippon
    Andrew Rippon Member Posts: 4

    Hello again Graham,

    Finished the script in the ERP system - worked perfectly the first time. Thank you very much. You have saved us a lot of suffering!!

    Kind Regards