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I'm now using the new Reckon mobile app, all going well, but super not adding up. i contribute 10% of gross wage to employee, but when i came to the end of financial year, it adds it as 9.25%, even though contributions have been adjusted each week. Can I submit it as is?


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    If this is for the 2020/21 Year then the EOFY should be showing the Compulsory Super component as 9.5% and the rest 0.5% will appear in the Reportable Super component. This will change from 21/22 as the compulsory supre rate is 10.0%. I have noticed in the Reckon Payroll app the EOFY does not show the Reportable Super amount. However, the YTD Tax statement for the Employee in ATO MyGov shows the correct split.

    I am assuming it will report correctly to ATO when you run the EOFY payrun. However, if possible you can ask the employee to check their YTD ATO tax statement for 20/21 before you push the EOFY report for 20/21. The EOFY Payrun simply triggers a formal notification from the ATO to inform the Tax payer their Tax statement has been finalised by their employer.

    However, at this stage I am not sure if you can do the EOFY payrun from Payroll app as there is a defect that prevents viewing employee pay summaries for 20/21. This happened after the 1st July date change. There are notifications on this from Reckon.

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    @swakhlu01 .

    Hi, I submitted the last pay run for financial year 20/21 on 01/07/21.

    from the employee’s YTD ATO tax statement ( on my gov ), it only shows the figures for the last pay run I submitted on 01/07/21. All previous figures ( YTD ) was replaced. But on payroll all, the figures on last pay run was added to the employee’s YTD.

    how should I fix the problem.

    many thanks

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    The employee's ATO statement current view has shifted to year 21/22. The July 1 Payrun will show here. But the employee needs to select the History tab in ATO tax statement to view 20/21.

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    Hi, I have a similar problem in that my EOFY totals for Super contributions are not adding up. However, I know why... it is because for some pay runs in 2020/21 year using the STP App., I entered Super amounts that INCLUDED SGC amounts rather than just Salary Sacrifice amounts.

    I have already migrated to the Payroll App. and when I try to create an adjustment pay run in Payroll App it will not allow me to enter a negative value for Salary Sacrifice amounts.

    Does anyone know of another way I can correct this?

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    To make corrections to 2020/21 employee balances in the Payroll App, you need to head into the employee profile and select Edit then scroll over to the Year to Date tab. You can make corrections to the YTD balances here.

    Now with that said, I'm going to ask you to hold off on doing that just for a bit. Our teams are working on rectifying an issue that is affecting the editing of YTD balances for employees at the moment. More info here -