Editing a previously lodged pay run

I realised after I submitted my EOFY report , I under declared a wage payment made during the year to the ATO via the STP. How do I amend a pay run to fully declare wages paid. I have attempted to edit an existing pay run but it does not allow me to edit it.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Shadobear

    There are a couple of ways you can amend your employee balances depending on the situation.

    I'd recommend checking out the info on this post linked below -

  • Shadobear
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    Thanks Rav

    I have been able to update the employee's gross pay with the correct Total Gross Pay.

    2 questions -how do I send this to the ATO and how do I resubmit my EOFY?

    When I go to the pay run tab and select EOFY , it tells me that I successfully sent the request but it does not allow me to resend another eofy.



  • swakhlu01 .
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    @Shadobear In Payroll app if you have already done a Payrun that you need to edit you click the 3 dots on right of the screen when you select the Payrun tab and chose the function. The Payrun (including EOFY payrun) selected will turn into Draft even if it is showing success/ done.

  • Shadobear
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    Thanks for the message , my app is not showing any ... , I cannot edit a previously sent pay run or EOFY.

    In my app it show's my submission as "success" when I tap that or any pay run there is no ability to amend it, hence my issue. I click on "new adjustment" and it directs me to a help page but doesnt assist in amending a pay run or the EOFY.