Upgrading from Enterprise 2019 to 2021 - Skip Backup

I am currently trying to upgrade from Enterprise 2019 to 2021, is there a way to skip the backup during upgrade. It is a large file, and it will take forever.

Can someone reply quickly, thanks.


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    Now would be a good time to do a portable backup and then restore it.

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    Stacey. If you are not using the backup function, that may be a reason why your file is bigger than it should be. The verify data process, which is part of the backup process, reduces the size of the company's tlg file. If you are not doing this regularly, your tlg file can become larger than your actual company file.

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    For reference here is a support article regarding the TLG file.


  • mikelegg
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    I have this same problem. We need to do this conversion withing 24 hours and we don't have time to back up every file (We have multiple Reckon files). Plus we have our own backups so we don't need to make more.

  • mikelegg
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    How do you do a Portable backup? There's no option other than "Local backup"

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    It's the initial selection before that point ... You select this option (instead of Backup copy):


    If you already have a current backup, you can also override the Backup process by pressing Esc immediately the backup starts (you need to be quick!)

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  • mikelegg
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    Thank you, I actually found my post where I outlined the details of how to do this the last time we were blackmailed into upgrading Reckon, so I'm all good now. (Well ... apart from the fact that I've had to spend another $1000 upgrading the QODBC driver that we use with Reckon ... and of course it doesn't work .. but that's another story)