Emailed invoice not changing Status to Sent

Mark_9364492 Member Posts: 7

i have a client who is emailing his invoices to his customers in Reckon One, however random invoices are not changing status to sent, he is finding it a major hurdle to the program.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,356 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Mark,

    So its not affecting invoices sent to a particular customer but is random/happens to various customers in Reckon One? Has the recipient confirmed that the email has been received?

    Do you know when this issue first started for the client?

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  • Mark_9364492
    Mark_9364492 Member Posts: 7

    Yes, invoices have been received.

    He has only had the program for a few months, I had it previously in Accounts Desktop and a Data Migration was done.

  • Mike_10862131
    Mike_10862131 Member Posts: 2

    Is there any resolution to this issue as I am having the same problem.

    In the same session when creating invoices and then emailing via the "send via email" link, the email gets sent but the status of some get changed to sent but other do not. I have not been able to see differences between the invoices.

    Is there a setting on the customer page that would affect this?

  • Mark_9364492
    Mark_9364492 Member Posts: 7

    Hi Mike, No resolution at this stage, Reckon are manually updating my clients file when we email the invoice numbers to them. They assure me the problem will be fixed and the fix uploaded to Reckon One within the next couple of weeks, we shall see.

  • Mike_10862131
    Mike_10862131 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Mark

    I was emailing to myself so that the sent status was an indicator of having sent the invoice via other process.

    I was using the email address reistered with my account. I changed it to one of my other email addresses and the sent flag now changes status. If you are cc-ing to your email address this may be a cause of the issue - but needs fixing


  • Mark_9364492
    Mark_9364492 Member Posts: 7

    Hi Mike

    My client is doing the same, but it is still a pain and very time consuming. I will let my client know. Thanks.


  • johnclark
    johnclark Member Posts: 1
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