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Reckon payroll app keeps shutting down

Yogesh1961_Yogesh1961_ Member Posts: 4
edited July 22 in Reckon Payroll App

Hi I am trying to submit my first payrun ln the new payroll app it keeps shutting down .I have not been able to submit my first pay run.


  • Yogesh1961_Yogesh1961_ Member Posts: 4

    Hi I am on basic plan but the app keeos shutting down please help. Have not been able to submit my first pay run.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,768 Community Manager

    Hi @Yogesh1961_

    Can you step me through what you're doing/inputting in the Payroll App prior to it shutting down?

  • Yogesh1961_Yogesh1961_ Member Posts: 4

    I go to emplyees to draft to edit to tax withheld to custom tax withheld enter amount then press done .As soon as I enter done the app closes

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,768 Community Manager

    Ok, thanks for that @Yogesh1961_

    Have you entered an earnings item in the pay run first? ie. prior to entering the custom tax. If not, please do so and it will stop the app from exhibiting this behaviour.

    I've done some testing and have found that the app will exhibit this behaviour in the following two scenarios.

    • Entering a custom tax amount without having first entered any earnings item in the pay run.
    • Using a custom earnings item that does not have 'tax applicable' ticked in the item setup. Creating a pay run > Selecting that custom item and then adding a custom tax amount in the pay run. (screen recording below)

    I've made our app team aware and it will be addressed as part of a bug fix in a future update of the app.

  • Yogesh1961_Yogesh1961_ Member Posts: 4

    Thanks very much its all good now

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