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  • emens
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    Moving the app to my new Phone - Blank White Screen

    My app was previously working on my old IPhone, I have now moved the app to my new Iphone and upon opening also get a white screen. To attempt to resolve the issue, I have logged out of the app on my Old Iphone. I have deleted the app from my new Iphone and re-installed it.

    I can still login to my old Iphone and see and use the app.

    However all I get on my new Iphone is a momentary small STP logo, followed by a blank white screen.

    I do not get the opportunity to log into the app on my new Iphone.

    Both my old and new Iphone are running IOS15

    Hopeful for a solution.

  • Rav
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    Hi @emens

    Can I just confirm, did you have the Payroll App working on your previous old iPhone OR was it the retired STP app?

    Are you attempting to migrate to the Payroll App or have you already done that?

  • emens
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    Hi Rav,

    Yes, I did have the Payroll app working on the previous old Iphone and have been using it on the old Iphone since June 2021. It is only on my new Iphone 13 on which the white blank screen occurs.

    I have since found a work around to the issue by installing the Payroll app on my Ipad. It appears to work fine on my Ipad. It asked me to login and provide the one-time security code and shows all my previous Payroll data.

    It appears that it is just my new Iphone 13 on which I have the blank white screen issue.

  • Rav
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    That's interesting. Can you let me know which version of iOS that you're running on the new iPhone where it exhibits the issue.

    Also, I'm not sure if this will work but might be worth trying. Can you please offload the Payroll app data from your iPhone by following the below steps -

    Make sure that the Payroll App is closed in full ie. swipe it away from any other currently running apps

    Go into Settings ➡️ General ➡️ iPhone Storage ➡️ Reckon Payroll App ➡️ Offload App

    Once that has been done restart your iPhone then tap on the Payroll App icon.

    Does the app allow you to login after this?

  • emens
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    Hi Rav,

    Thank you so much for your quick response. I may have solved the mystery.

    On my old Iphone I used Face Id to open up the Payroll App. When I setup my new Iphone I selected ‘setup Face Id later” in the general setup process of the new Iphone. So I was just using a passcode to open my new Iphone.

    Whilst I was trying to get the Payroll app to work, I thought the blank screen and lack of login screen maybe due to me not using a FaceId to open the app (as I did on my old Iphone)

    So I have now enabled FaceId on my new Iphone and I can now successfully open and use the Payroll app.

    On a sidenote, I mentioned in my previous message that I had successfully installed the Payroll app on a Ipad. (I don’t normally use my Ipad for my business). The Payroll app worked fine on my Ipad. Possibly due to the fact that I was also using FaceId on my Ipad to access certain apps.

    So to conclude, I presume when one moves the Payroll app from one phone to another phone, then we need to make sure that the same app authentication methodology is used. (In my case FaceId). I hope my experience may help other users.

    Also the IOS version on both the old Iphone12 and the new Iphone13 was Ios15

  • Rav
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    That's actually a very interesting find and thanks heaps for sharing that. Glad to hear you're back into the app on your phone.

    I might also share this with our app devs just to get a bit of insight on whether or not this is expected behaviour at least from the inner workings of the app.