Superannuation Payment

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With the previous stp app, I was able to manually input superannuation payments (quarterly). I am trying to input the superannuation payment manually, but I can't see where to do this. I click on Superannuation guarantee and it comes up with the rate, but can't see where to add amount. Look forward to hearing from you


  • SMich
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    Last pay date inputted into Reckon was 23.9.21 and superannuation was paid via ATO clearing house on 30th.

  • Rav
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    Hi @SMich

    The Payroll App will not allow you to enter in balances like the previous STP app did as that method will no longer be compliant with the introduction of STP phase 2 coming next year.

    Instead the app performs actual pay run calculations (which the old STP app did not) and uses that data to create the pay run and subsequent STP submission.

    The super component in a pay run will be calculated once a pay run exceeds the current monthly minimum threshold and the rate itself can be customised which you've already found.

    In regard to quarterly reporting however, this is something our app team are aware of and are working toward inclusion of additional payment frequency options into the app.

    While this is more a stop-gap solution for use in the interim, an option could be to set the pay frequency to monthly, then use the relevant pay item to give the employee the base rate of their quarterly salary, and set the hours worked to '1'.

  • SMich
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    Looking at the Payroll app the amount of superannuation that was paid is appearing under the employee. Do I still need to input the amount and date it was paid?

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    Hi Mitch - a few things happening here. Firstly according to what I understand about STP reporting requirements of ATO, for any payments made on behalf of employee the Payrun should be created prior.

    Can you please clarify whether you have migrated to the Payroll app from old STP app after the 23.9.21 Payrun. In which part of employee record are you noticing the superannuation amount that you mention.

    In order to get comfortable with how a Payrun (including superannuation payments) is created see this Reckon video help