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Payroll App How-To Videos!

RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,796 Community Manager

Hi everyone

I've been creating some short how-to videos for our Reckon Payroll App users that provide an overview and walkthrough on some common tasks which I hope you find useful.

There is a brand new sub-category called 'Payroll App - Help Videos' which will be the new home for these videos on the Community. I've linked the new sub-category below and you'll also find it at any time on the category quick list menu on the right hand side under the Payroll App option on any page. If you are browsing in the Payroll App category itself you'll also find access to it at the top of the page (screenshot example below).

The range of videos will be expanded over time to cover various topics and if there is anything specific in the Payroll App that you'd like a how-to video created for please feel free to drop a comment below.

Please note, the how-to videos are an overview and instructional in nature only and you'll need to apply it your own situation/circumstances. Reckon cannot provide accounting or tax advice, if you're looking for assistance on these matters we'd recommend getting in touch with a Reckon Accredited Partner HERE.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,796 Community Manager

    The new next few videos I have in the pipeline are:

    • How to create Pay Schedules on Payroll App (WEB ACCESS)
    • How to amend/adjust a pay run in the Payroll App
    • How to amend/adjust a pay run on Payroll App (WEB ACCESS)
  • swakhlu01 .swakhlu01 . Member Posts: 286 ✭✭✭

    @Rav This is great. But some of the functionality shown in the How to Videos may only be available to Permium Payroll app users.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,796 Community Manager

    Thanks @swakhlu01 .. yes you're right, ideally I'd like to have a mix of videos that cover topics that are relevant to both free basic & premium plan users.

    I'll also make a point on making it clear in the video if a certain piece of functionality is specific to the Premium plan.

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