Retrospective Submission to ATO made on STP App (2019)


Using the new Reckon Payroll App, after migrating from STP, how far back can I get my payroll infromation?

I have migrated, but cannot see my payroll data which was entered with the STP app 2 years ago.

Thank you


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @Okram When you say Payroll information you may need to be more specific.

    The migration process will only transfer the successful STP reports as far back as FY 2019-20 and the YTD Summary of each employee Payruns when you migrated data across. It does not tranfer individual Payruns across. So if you have to alter any previous Payruns you will have to adjust the YTD Pay summary for that year in employee settings and run the EOFY report for that FY to adjust the ATO records.

  • Rav
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    Hi @Okram

    Just adding to @swakhlu01 . reply above.

    An important distinction between the old STP app and the Payroll App is the concept of 'pay runs'.

    The new Payroll App performs payroll calculations and uses that to create actual employee pay runs, the STP app on the other hand did not. It was only a mechanism for STP reporting at a minimum requirement level.

    To that end, when you migrate over you'll notice that the data from the submissions you've sent from the STP app are listed in the 'STP' tab. Any pay runs that you create in the Payroll App itself will be saved in the 'Pay Runs' tab and the subsequent STP submission for that pay run will also be found in the STP tab as well once sent.

    Hopefully that makes sense but let me know if not.