STP Swap from App reporting to Reckon Accounts

Hi All

My client currently reports STP through the APP as their software was not compliant, we have now upgraded to 2022 and would like to know how we swap from APP to Reckon Software reporting via Gov-connect.

Need to set up by July 1 when payroll YTD figures are cleared.

Thanks in advance

Tania Wilson

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  • Rav
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    Hi Tania,

    If your client is currently using the Payroll App for STP submissions and would now like to switch over to GovConnect using Reckon Accounts they'll need to follow the below steps -

    Complete a nil balance submission in the Payroll App for any existing balances sent this financial year. This will bring all currently reported balances to zero in both the app and the ATO. They can do this by enabling the toggle in the End of Financial Year submission in the app and sending it through. (example screen recording below).

    Important note: only send this through if you/the client is committed to making the change over as this will bring all currently reported balances in the financial year for all employees to zero.

    Once they have been setup on Reckon Accounts their STP submissions will need to go through GovConnect using the existing login they are using for their Payroll App account.

    Just login to GovConnect via the Portal here - using those existing login credentials.

    Upon logging into the Portal and accessing GovConnect they'll need to add the Reckon Accounts product to their GovConnect and then the STP submissions will be sent under that product.

    You'll notice that 'Reckon One' is already selected as a product in their GovConnect as shown in my screenshot above as the Payroll App uses the same backend gateway as Reckon One for submissions.

    Hopefully all that makes sense as I know it seems a tad complicated. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • BTB_Tania06
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    Great Rav Thanks for your help, just 1 Q ... Can we just wait to end of year to roll over in the app and start using from Reckon accounts desk top? Of course we will set up Gov Connect as advised. Cheers Tania

  • Rav
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    Yep you certainly can and that would be the easier option as it would allow you to avoid the zero-ing out the balances for the current financial year in the Payroll App.

    You'd start fresh from Reckon Accounts Desktop in GovConnect from the new FY moving forward.