Super Guarantee not reported in Pay run to ATO

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I'm using the Reckon Payroll App on Apple iPhone.

I have made a mistake in not including the Super guarantee amount in pay runs. Therefore the Super guarantee has not been reported to the ATO.

Is there a way for me to submit the Super guarantee amounts to the ATO via the app?




  • swakhlu01 .
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    @Rach If you are using the default earnings type in the Payrun then super guarantee and tax amounts should have been calculated automatically as long as the earnings for the month is greater than $450.

    It is unclear how many Payruns and employees are involved in your case. However, you can generate Payrun adjustments for each of the Payruns involved -which essentially means editing and resumbitting each Payrun with the correct amount.

    The below link will take you to a how to video available on Reckon community help pages. Caution : once a Payrun is in Edit mode do not hit the back or cancel button as you may loose the Payrun altogether.

  • Rach
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    Hi @swakhlu01 .

    Thanks very much for your reply.

    It involves 2 employees and over 40 pay runs.

    Is it possible in any way to submit the Super guarantee amount on its own? Or I will have to edit & resubmit each pay run?



  • swakhlu01 .
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    @Rach I am not sure there is any function in payroll app that enables creation of a payrun without earnings amount. The super guarantee amount is entered as a percentage rate and not a fixed amount. Unless someone on this community blog has other suggestions you may have to submit the super guarantee amount as individual payment amendments.

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    When you create a pay run in the Payroll App, it automatically calculates super based on the earnings if it is over the (current) monthly minimum threshold of $450.00.

    The above will apply if you are using the ordinary earnings item and/or any other earnings item that has the 'include in Super Guarantee' option ticked in its setup. See screenshot to the left as an example.

    How have you been creating pay runs where the super does not calculate? Are you using a custom earnings item and unticked the option to include it in super guarantee calculations?

    You cannot create a pay run with just the super guarantee component as its calculated based off earnings.

    An option you could look at is editing the Superannuation in the 'Initial Year to Date' tab in the respective employee's profile. This will allow you enter the full balance of the super as it should be right now without having to edit each and every pay run.

    The updated balance will then be sent in conjunction with your next successful STP submission.

    You can access the 'initial Year to Date' tab from the Pay Summary screen within an employee's profile.

    Screenshot example on the left.