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I am needing help, my client has told me she is having trouble loading her STP Files

I have logged into GovConnect using her login, and it shows there is no files and it needs to be setup.

The client has been using GovConnect for the past year and a half, and when we go to enter her ABN etc it says its already registered.

So if we are using the exact login she has been using the whole time, how can we simply log back into that file?



  • Kris_Williams
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    When she lodges STP from within Hosted, she has to enter a username and password, which is sometimes different to her hosted login. It will definitely work if you are using the same login in - in my experience this is the case

  • Rav
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    Hi @LoveLace

    The most common reason for the situation you're encountering is due to logging into the Portal with different/incorrect login credentials from what the GovConnect is originally setup with.

    I've had a look on our end using the ABN from your screenshot and the account is registered under what looks to be a business email address different to that listed in the second screenshot. If you login to GovConnect using the original email address/password combination that the account was initially registered under it will let you in as normal.

  • LoveLace
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    Hi Rav, Can you confirm if it was [email protected] or what the email address was?

  • Rav
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    Unfortunately I can't confirm any email addresses for accounts on our public Community site here. I'd suggest giving it a go though and see if you're able to access the account.

    If you're still having trouble though please give our technical support team a call and they'll be able to assist in getting your access sorted after performing a security check.