EOF Totals and IYT Totals

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I only have one employee which started in July 2021 and has only worked 6 days... I've checked her EOFY amounts and they are correct but when I go into her YTD it's reading everything is zero except Super Guarantee $95 but her total super in EOF is $152 ?


  • Rav
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    The balances that you see in the End of Financial Year finalisation are the sum of all pay runs that are marked as paid and any initial year to date balances that were entered when the employee was first created.

    If you only view the balances in the 'initial YTD tab' in isolation it won't give you the full picture in terms of the total balances for the employee as they'll likely also be included in pay runs as well. If you check the 'Pay Summary' tab within the individual employee's profile that will show you a total balance of all paid pay runs + any initial YTD balance.

    I'll link an article below which outlines how to understand the Pay Summary balances for an employee in the Payroll App and what its made up of.

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