Payroll with no hourly rate

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I can't to create a monthly pay run without requiring to put in an hourly rate for staff. As a two person consulting company I only pay as and when fees are received and after paying expenses the balance is paid to the two of us. There is no hourly rate involved in the calculation of the salaries being paid. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I can't seem to find it anywhere if it has.

Any tips on how to get rid of the hourly rate field?



  • Rav
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    Hi @AndyE

    The Payroll App utilises rate and quantity parameters to create pay runs and perform payroll calculations so there isn't a way to remove these particular fields. Have you looked at either creating a custom earnings item, which I'll link some info to below, or alternatively, entering the pay amount as a total with the quantity of 1?

  • AndyE
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    Many thanks Rav

    I'll give it a try.