Payroll App Web Access - 1.11.3 Update πŸš€ (Huge upgrade!)

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Reckon Payroll App - Web Access update v1.11.3 πŸš€

The web access version of the Reckon Payroll App has received a significant update which brings in range of new functionality that will allow you to not only do a lot more but also streamline your workflow.

Check out an overview of the the new enhancements below -

Custom Super items πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

You can now create various superannuation type items in Reckon Payroll. The available superannuation types are;

  • Super Guarantee
  • Employer Additional
  • Productivity
  • Collective Agreement
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Member Voluntary
  • Spouse Deduction

After the super item is set up, you will then need to assign it to the employee superannuation fund. Check out more info below on how to Assign a Superfund to an Employee

⚠ You must assign which pay items you would like your custom super item to calculate super on. Super will not be calculated if the super item is not linked to the pay item used in a pay run.

Check out the short video demo below on creating a custom super item in Payroll Web -

Employee Superannuation Fund πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ

An important part to any payroll software is the ability to assign your employee's choice of superannuation fund and pay to the correct super fund product. We have simplified the entire superannuation process in this update.

You can now set up Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and self-managed type super funds in the Reckon Payroll App (Web Access).

We have broken down this feature into 2 sections:

  1. Set up the Superannuation fund
  2. Assign the super fund to the employee

Setup superannuation funds

This is the superannuation fund (i.e. CARE, REST, Australian Super) which you pay the employee super to. To setup a superannuation fund go to Settings ➑ Superannuation Funds.

β„Ή You can request adding your super fund if its not present in the search list.

Check out the short video demo below on setting up a super fund as well as how to submit a request for a missing super fund -

Assign superfund to employee

After you have set up the superfund, you will then need to assign it to the employee. This is where you select the superfund product and super items for the employee to be used in pay runs.

To enter assign a super fund edit the Employee ➑ Other Details. Select the superannuation fund from the list then select the associated fund product. Enter the member number (mandatory) and a date when the employee joined the super fund.

β„Ή The default system superfund is automatically assigned to all employees created in Reckon Payroll which can be removed after you've assigned a specific superfund to the employee.

Check out the demo video below to learn how to assign a superfund to an employee -

Employee Pay Setup ✍ (Exclusive to the Premium plan πŸš€)

Employee pay setup functionality has been introduced to save you time from having to re-enter pay details every time you create a pay run.

You can add earning, allowance and deduction items to the pay setup so you don't have to reenter them each time you create a pay run for the employee.

Check out the demo video below on getting started with the employee setup.

Other Leave Types 🌴 (Exclusive to the Premium plan πŸš€)

You can now add more leave types to employees who are eligible for them and also accrue hours for those specific leave types just like you can for Annual or Personal Leave.

To add other leave types to an employee, edit the employee's profile ➑ Leave Entitlements ➑ Add Other Leave Entitlements.

Check out the demo below to learn how to setup other leave items and set a current/existing leave balance for that leave type to an employee.

Minor interface updates πŸ”¨

Pay Item options

With the introduction of the employee pay setup functionality, some additional options have been added during the pay run creation process

  • Use default pay items - The pay run will be created using the designated pay items on the Employee Pay Setup
  • Copy pay items from last pay run - Copy the pay items used in the employee's last pay run
  • Add pay items manually - Create a pay run from scratch

The option to 'Use default pay items' has also been added to your Pay Item preferences in the General settings menu.

Compliance Menu

The Single Touch Payroll (STP) and End of Financial Year (EOFY) sections have been moved to the new 'Compliance' menu option.

We're really excited to deliver this new functionality to users of our Payroll App Web Access service. The features of this update will be making their way to the Payroll App (mobile app) very soon, stay tuned for that as I'll have announcements on the Community as soon as its ready.

If you'd like to utilise web access of your Payroll App you can do so by logging in at

Payroll App Web Access is available to all Payroll App users; Premium plan users have full access to all functionality and read-only access is available to free basic plan users.

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