Creating a custom super item in the Reckon Payroll App

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Creating custom super items in the Reckon Payroll App

You can now create various superannuation item types in the Reckon Payroll App! Please ensure you have downloaded version 4.0.2 of the app or later from your app store in order to have access to this feature.

The available super item types are

  • Super Guarantee
  • Employer Additional
  • Productivity
  • Collective Agreement
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Member Voluntary

Creating a new Custom Super Item

  • To create a new custom super item go to Settings ➡ Superannuation Items ➡ Tap the ➕ button
  • Tap on ' Super Item Details' then select the superannuation type you wish to create eg. Super Guarantee, Employee Additional etc.
  • Give the new super item a relevant and easily identifiable name and description
  • Select the expense account for the super item
  • Select the rate basis you want this item to calculate super on. You can select from the following options depending on the super type; Statutory Rate, Fixed Amount or percentage of earnings
  • Tap Done
  • Tap on 'Pay Preferences' to select the pay items that your new super item needs to calculate super on. Simply tick which earnings, leave, allowance or deduction items that you would like the custom super item you are creating to calculate super on when its used in a pay run.
  • After the super item is set up, you will then need to assign it to the employee superannuation fund. Check out our 'Creating and assigning a super fund' guide for more info.


  • You must assign which pay items you would like your custom super item to calculate super on. Super will NOT be calculated if the super item is not linked to a pay item when used in a pay run.
  • After the custom super item is setup you will need to assign it to the employee's superfund. Check out our 'Creating a super fund and assigning to an employee' guide for more info.

Check out the short video demo below on creating a custom super item in the Reckon Payroll App

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