Payroll App & Payroll App Web - "Something went wrong" error (17 November)

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Reckon Payroll App & Web access issue - "Something went wrong" error

Hi everyone,

We are currently investigating issues that are affecting access to the Reckon Payroll App service.

Initial observations show the issue is affecting both the mobile app and also web access to Payroll App accounts.

When logging into the mobile app you may be encounter a "Something went wrong" error message as shown to the left.

Whereas when accessing your account via the Payroll App web access you may land on a blank white page without any further loading.

Our teams are investigating this as we speak and working to establish the cause of the the issue.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this is causing at the moment. I'll post further updates in this thread as soon as possible.




  • Rav
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    Hi everyone

    Our teams have isolated the cause of this issue and have implemented a fix to the service.

    Your Payroll App account are now accessible on both the mobile app and web access. If you are on the mobile app please press the 'Reload' button or or alternatively logout and then log back in.

    If you accessing via Payroll App Web, you will need to refresh your page by pressing Ctrl & F5.

    Thanks for your patience everyone and apologies for the hassle this has caused today.

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