📢 Important Update: STP Phase 2 & Reckon software

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: STP Phase 2 for Reckon software

We contacted you last year to advise that Reckon had secured a 12-month deferral for all our customers and partners to start STP Phase 2 reporting from 1 January 2023. This deferral has now been extended by the ATO for a further 6 months.

This extension will allow us to release the required STP Phase 2 changes between January and June 2023 to ensure users of our entire product range are STP Phase 2 compliant. This rollout will commence with the launch of STP Phase 2 in the Reckon Payroll App, followed by Reckon One, Reckon Accounts Desktop, Reckon Accounts Hosted and Payroll Premier Desktop.

Reckon is continuing to work closely with the ATO to implement STP Phase 2, and we will get in touch soon with updates and next steps specific to your product. For now, you do not need to do anything, and can continue to report Single Touch Payroll through the Reckon products you use today.

If you are contacted by the ATO about your transition to STP Phase 2, simply provide them with our Deferral Reference Number: 85 627 150 which applies to all our Reckon payroll products.

While the deferral gives you more time, it’s still important to be across these new ATO requirements, so we’ve put together an article with more information and FAQs around STP Phase 2 reporting.

To learn more about STP Phase 2 check out our info page below -

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