Payroll App premium plan customers we want to hear from you! - STP Phase 2 early adoption release πŸ“Œ

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πŸ“’ Payroll App customers on the Premium plan.. We'd like to hear from you!

Hi everyone!

Are you currently a Payroll App customer on the premium plan?

If so, we'd like to invite you to participate in an early adoption release for STP Phase 2 that we're currently working on in the background to share your insights and feedback on.

You'll get a sneak peek of some early functionality that will allow you to get ready for STP Phase 2 that kicks in next year. Early adopters will also get the opportunity to view and enter new employee information requirements so you have a head start on getting up STP Phase 2 ready. During the testing period a member of the Reckon team will be in touch with you individually to gather your feedback so we can understand what worked well and where we can make improvements to the STP Phase 2 process.

We're looking for as many users who actively use the Payroll App and are on the Premium plan to join our testing program.

If you'd like to participate, please drop us a comment below to express your interest before Friday 23 December and we'll be in touch!

If you'd like more information to understand what STP Phase 2 is, check out our resource page linked below -


  • swakhlu01 .
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    Does this mean Basic plan customers will not be able to use STP Phase 2 reporting?

  • Rav
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    Hi @swakhlu01 .

    We're currently in the process of testing an early build of STP Phase 2 functionality in the Payroll Web access version that specifically focuses on the information collection aspect of Phase 2 requirements.

    At this stage we're looking to obtain feedback from our Payroll App users on the premium plan as they have full access to Reckon Payroll Web access for this functionality.

    We may however look to open this up to all Payroll App plan tier customers as we progress so there will be more news to follow. Stay tuned.

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