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I have a client who is undergoing an audit of office procedures & wants me to provide information that can be printed regarding the security aspect of using Reckon Accounts Hosted for their Accounting needs. They are asking about the chance of cyber crime affecting the software & the safety of having their information in the cloud & the risk of losing that information.

Is there any generic information that Reckon provides to cover off all of those aspects?


  • Bruce
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    Don't know all the answers to that very timely question you've asked and will be interested to see what Reckon have to say.

    However the most important thing that you can do is take regular back up copies of your Reckon data files and store them offsite (to Reckon). This means that if ever Reckon falls over/is held to ransom etc then you have copies of your own data. For what it is worth I download backed up my clients' data files a minimum of weekly (assuming that there have been transactions in this period). This can slow down "logging out" of a client but I view the extra minute or two that this takes to be very cheap insurance.

    In addition, your Reckon Hosted fee includes a subscription to a single desktop copy of Reckon Enterprise (which is the Desktop equivalent of Hosted) meaning that you can continue operations using the most recent downloaded back up.

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    I've asked a similar question & asked for details some time ago for our cyber insurance. Got nothing from Reckon. Hopefully with this latest saga will prompt some action & answers. Regular back ups & changing passwords often has been our management thus far.

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    Hi @henschke

    What Bruce has indicated above is correct with regard to the backups and single-user Enterprise licence.

    You can contact the Customer Service Team and they can provide you with that single-user Enterprise licence.

    1800 732 566

    Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 6pm

    Reckon Accounts Hosted

    You can download the installer and guides from the site.

    Download the Reckon Accounts Business 2022 software and the tax table updates and install them both.

    You can download the most current copy of your company data file (QBW) from the Hosted platform to your local computer in which the Reckon Accounts Enterprise software is installed by following the guide below.

    DATA RECOVERY: How to download a company data file (*.QBW) from the Reckon Accounts Hosted platform — Reckon Community